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Graduate Students

Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Design and Analysis of Mechanically Laminated Timber Beams Using Shear Keys
    Joesph F. Miller, 2009
  • Agent-Based Simulation for Mitigation of Human-Induced Hazards
    Matthew W. Drewek, 2007
  • Load-Duration Behavior of Steel-Doweled Wood Connections
    Robert A Marlor, 2003
  • Reliability Analysis of Wood Structural Systems
    Wei-Feng Liu, 1994
  • Development of Lunar Structural Design Criteria with Emphasis on Meteoroid Effects
    Eric P. Steinberg, 1991
  • Probabilistic Analysis of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
    James L. Yates, 1989

Masters Theses

  • Examination of Methods for Structural Analysis of Wood-Pegged Timber Frames Subjected to Lateral Loads John W. Liimakka, 2004
  • Reliability-Based Sensitivity Study of Light-Frame Wood Walls
    Maulik H. Trivedi, 2003
  • Correlation Structure of Modulus of Elasticity and Tensile Strength of Lumber
    Richard A. Chapman II, 2001
  • Analysis of Light-Frame Wood Walls
    Wei Chiang Pang, 2001
  • Determining Time-Effect Factors for Single Steel-Doweled Wood Connections
    Zeno A. Martin, 1999
  • Modeling the Behavior of Wood-Peg Connected Timber Frames
    Craig E. Tamlyn, 1999
  • Modeling the Behavior of Traditional Timber Frames
    Matthew W. Drewek, 1997
  • Behavior of Wood Pegs in Traditional Timber Frame Connections
    Elizabeth H. Reid, 1997
  • Modeling the Behavior of Pegged Timber Connections
    Tonia L. O'Bryant, 1996
  • A Symmetric 3-Hinged Glulam Tudor Arch Design Program
    John A. Mockaitis, 1996
  • Effective Flange Width of Wood T-Beams
    Dick L. Sterken, Jr., 1995
  • Reliability of Bolted Wood Connections
    Dennis B. Decator, 1994
  • Modeling the Behavior of Traditionally Connected Timber Frames
    David A. Weaver, 1993
  • Reliability Analysis with Correlated Mixed Marginal Random Variables
    Gregory M. Ilkka, 1992
  • The Development of a Precast Post-Tensioned Residential Foundation System
    Steven J. Wiegand, 1990
  • Analysis and Testing of Toothed Metal Plate Wood Truss Connections
    Gary M. Reynolds, 1988
  • Simulation of the Lifetime Behavior of Structural Wood Systems
    Philip J. Vacca, Jr., 1988
  • Reliability of Prestressed Concrete Beams in Combined Flexure and Shear
    James E. Rintala, 1987
  • Effective Flange Width of Prestressed Concrete Tee Sections
    Robert A. Marlor, 1987
  • Stochastic Finite Element Analysis of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
    James L. Yates, 1987
  • Reliability of Prestressed High-Strength Concrete Beams
    Richard A. Hamann, 1986
  • Steel Reinforced Tension Laminations for Glulam Beams
    Greg Woods, 1986
  • Reliability-Based Resistance Factors for Dimension Lumber in Bending or Tension
    John G. Ernst,1985
  • Load-Duration Effects for Wood Subjected to Stochastic Floor Live Loads
    Carroll G. Schoch III, 1984
  • Nondestructive Testing of Wood Utility Poles Using a Sonic Test Device
    Robert H. Falk, 1983.