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Books and Other


  • Sorby, S. A. en Bulleit, W. M.  Communicatieve vaardigheden voor technici.  Pearson Education Benelux, Amsterdam, Nederlands, 2006 (Dutch translation of Sorby and Bulleit, 2005).
  • Sorby, S. A. and Bulleit, W. M.  An Engineer’s Guide to Technical Communication.  Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2005.
  • Bulleit, W. M. (Editor) Classic Wood Structures, American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY, 1989.

Book Chapters

  • Bulleit, W. M., “Uncertainty in the Design of Non-Prototypical Engineered Systems,” Philosophy and Engineering: Reflections on Practice, Principles, and Process, Eds. D. Michelfelder, N. McCarthy, D. Goldberg, forthcoming.  Dordrecht, The Netherlands:  Springer.

  • Bulleit, W. M., ``Applications in Timber Structures,'' Chapter 29 in Probabilistic Structural Mechanics Handbook, C. Sundararajan, Ed., Chapman and Hall, New York, NY, 1995, pp. 684-706.

Other Publications

  • Bulleit, W. M. “Engineers Shouldn’t Think Too Fast.” STRUCTURE, August 2013, pg. 74.
  • Bulleit, W. M. “What Computers Might Be Able To Do”, Structure, January 2010, pg. 10.
  • Bulleit, W. M., Sandberg, L. B., O'Bryant, T. L., Weaver, D. A., and Pattison, W. E.,  "Analysis of Frames with Traditional Timber Connections," Timber Frame Joinery  and Design Workbook, Timber Framers Guild of North America, Bellingham, WA,      1996,
    pp. 102-110.
  • Sandberg, L. B., Bulleit, W. M., O'Bryant, Postlewaite, J. J., Schaffer, J. J., "Experimental  Evaluation of Traditional Timber Connections," Timber Frame Joinery and Design Workbook, Timber Framers Guild of North America, Bellingham, WA,1996, pp.  92-101.
  • Bulleit, W. M., Discussion of, "Probabilistic Analysis of Timber Bridge Decks," A. S. Nowak and M. K. Boutros, Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 113, No. 5, 1987, pp. 1131-1132.
  • Bulleit, W. M., Behavior of Fiberglass Reinforced Particleboard Beams and Plates in Flexure,  Ph.D. Dissertation, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, 1980.