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Courses Taught


Perspectives on Inquiry – First-Year Seminar entitled Failure
Computing for Civil Engineers
Introductory Structural Analysis
Structural Steel Design I
Reinforced Concrete Design I
Reinforced Concrete Design II: 
Shear and Torsion, Columns, Footings, and Two-way Slabs
Prestressed Concrete Design
Timber Design
Timber Design/Masonry Design
Introduction to Structural Dynamics
Matrix Structural Analysis


Structural Reliability
Probabilistic Analysis and Reliability in Civil Engineering
Finite Element Analysis
Advanced Timber Design
Advanced Structural Analysis:  Energy Methods and Structural Stability
Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
Structural Dynamics I
Structural Dynamics II – Earthquake Engineering

Taught two or three courses per quarter from 1982 – 1999 and one to three per semester since 2000.