North Central Student Conference


Houghton's Father's Day Flood, which brought over seven inches of rain in the course of nine hours, left natural beauties like our beaches in shambles. The Michigan Tech Concrete Canoe Team volunteered our time to help restore the shorelines and therefore dedicate our boat to beaches to show support towards the community relief efforts.

Thank you to all our supporters for coming out to Ann Arbor, MI for the regional competition and Melbourne, FL for the national competition! We greatly appreciate the support shown and the team is proud of placing first overall at the regional competition, and tenth at the national level. Thanks for all of the photos Jonathan Rumble!

Great Paddlers

Altogether, the 2018-2019 paddlers placed tenth at the national competition!

Great job paddlers!

Great Presenters

The 2018-2019 presentation team placed first in the region.

Congrats presenters!

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Moving Forward

The team is currently recruiting new members and preparing to make the 2019-2020 season the best in Michigan Tech history.

Updated: September 2019