How To Donate

The Michigan Tech Concrete Canoe Team has been growing larger, more organized, more experienced, and more independent over the recent years. It is these advances that have led to our establishment as a national power in the world of concrete canoeing. These results would not be possible without the dedication of team members and the support of our trusted sponsors. We are personally asking you to assist us in our goal of $25,000 for the competition year to support another nationally ranked canoe. Donations of technical expertise, products, or funding of any sort will help lead us to this achievement. As tokens of our appreciation for your generosity, you will be recognized in the following ways based on your level of donation:

*All online donation are anonymous.

Levels of Sponsorship

Silver - $50-$250 Company/Family name displayed on Race Day t-shirt

Gold - $250-$500 Silver sponsorship benefits & Michigan Tech Concrete Canoe baseball hat

Platinum - $500+ Gold sponsorship benefits, Company/family name and logo displayed all year with the team’s canoe on campus, & Plaque with team picture sent to company

*All online donation are anonymous.

To make an online donation:

Click Here!

1. Click on "Give Online Now"

2. Select the option "Other"

3. List "The Concrete Canoe Team" in the box


Updated: November 2017