Graduate Student Opportunities for MS and Ph.D.

My lab invites applications for M.S. and Ph.D. graduate programs in the field of environmental engineering and science with a focus on hydrodynamic and ecosystem modeling. This is an interdisciplinary modeling program with focus on 1) hydrodynamic and ecosystem model development, 2) lake, coastal and estuarine modeling, 3) physical-biological model coupling, 4) coupled ocean-atmospheric modeling and its application to the climate change study.

In my group, you will extensively practice Fortran 90, MATLAB and Linux shell script, and you will learn knowledge of geophysics, oceanogrphy, applied mathematics and statistics analysis and envoriomental science. If you are interested in working with me, you may explicitly mention me as a potential advisor in your application. I also encourage you to Contact Me directly for further information before you submit your application.

The successful candidate will be supported with research assistantship (RA) or teaching assistantship (TA). I also encourage you to apply for you own external funding (fellowship, schlorship), which will significantly increase your chances of admission to many programs.

Apply Great Lakes Summer Student Fellows and come to work with us! (Expired!)

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There is a stipend of $6,240 for the twelve-week period, paid in two installments of $3,120 each: For May start dates, the first installment will be in the 2nd week of May and the second installment will be in the 2nd week of June. For June start dates the first installment will be in the 2nd week of June and the second installment will occur in the 2nd week of July.The stipend for these positions comes directly from the University of Michigan.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by 17-February 2014 at 11:59 pm (Eastern Time).

Nearshore Hydrodynamic Modeling

Mentors: Guy Meadows, Michigan Technological University (gmeadows@mtu.edu) and Pengfei Xue, Michigan Technological University (pexue@mtu.edu)

Project Description: This fellow will support the development of new nearshore, hydrodynamic models for the Great Lakes utilizing Michigan Tech’s new super computer at the Great Lakes Research Center (see: http://www.mtu.edu/greatlakes/). These modeling activities will include FVCOM (Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model), applications in all of the Great Lakes.  Areas of special interest include, but are not limited to, investigating the hydrodynamic regimes conducive to the spread and proliferation of Eurasian watermilfoil, understanding wave harvesting and spread of cladophora, flow through restricted channels of the Great Lakes and the incorporation of nearshore wave models into FVCOM flow predictions. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work with a dedicated large group of multi-disciplinary Great Lakes scientists at the GLRC and to reside either in Michigan Tech’s Research Institute (see: http://www.mtri.org/index.html) in Ann Arbor or at the waterfront, main campus in Houghton, MI. Candidates should have knowledge of basic ocean-hydrodynamics and numerical modeling and experience with data analysis. This position is located at either/both the Great Lakes Research Center, Houghton, MI 49931 and/or Michigan Tech Research Institute, 3600 Green Ct., Ste. 100, Ann Arbor, MI. 48105.