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Dr. Hiller's research interests are primarily focused on the interaction between materials, mechanics, and performance in concrete pavements. He is also interested in promoting a sustainable transportation infrastructure as the United States and others go about rehabilitating and reconstructing our current transportation system.


Field Evaluation of Built-in Curling Levels in Rigid Pavements
Sponsor: Minnesota Department of Transportation
Dates: May 2009 - August 2010
Description: The project aims for a better understanding of variables that affect built-in curling while providing designers guidelines for determining this value for use in mechanistic-empirical design of jointed concrete pavements.

Efficient Use of Recycled Concrete in Transportation Infrastructure
Sponsor: Michigan Department of Transportation
Dates: October 2007 - December 2009
Description: Characterizing recycled concrete materials for use in new PCC, AC, and base layer pavement applications. Includes characterization of recycled concrete in terms of aggregate properties, solubility of contaminates, stabilization potential, chloride content, ASR potential, freeze-thaw, air void system, effect on HMA and new PCC physical properties.




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