CEE International Senior Design


Final Design Reports, Presentations & Posters


·         Northern Vallecito, Panama Water Supply Project – Agua de Abajo Engineering

            Report             Presentation                Poster                                     


·         Southern Vallecito, Panama Water Supply Project – Comisión de Agua Corriente

Report             Presentation                Poster


·         Chucunaque River Footbridge, Puerto Limón, Panama – Del Puente Engineering

            Report             Presentation                     Poster


·         Quebrada Arena, Panama Water Supply Project – Yucca Engineering

Report             Presentation                 Poster                                                                                                              Photo by M. Drewyor


We greatly appreciate the assistance provided by this year’s student mentor, Zoe Miller, and the following Peace Corps Volunteers who made this year’s program possible: Chris Kingsley, Siobhan Girling, Danielle Renzi, Amber Naylor, Aja Kennedy, Jake Midkiff, and Briana Drake. 



·         Yuu, Ecuador Water Supply Project – Pipe Bueno

            Report             Presentation                Poster                                     


·         Hato Pilón, Panama Water Supply Project – Hard Body Engineering

Report             Presentation                Poster


·         Cerro Miel, Panama Water Supply Project – Uno Más Engineering

            Report             Presentation                     Poster


·         Majé-Chimán, Panama Hydropower Project – Zapatero Engineering

Report             Presentation                 Poster                                                                                                                          Photo by J. Cole.

In May 2012, one team of four students traveled to Quito, Ecuador with Prof. Kurt Paterson for iDesign.  There, they met with Prof. Remigio Galarraga-Sanchez and students at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN), before traveling to the small community of Yuu, in the Amazon region.  An assessment of Yuu’s existing piped water distribution system led to recommendations for a different design, relying on household rainwater catchment.

In August 2012, three teams (13 students and 1 mentor) traveled to Panama with Profs. Mike Drewyor and Dave Watkins.  With the City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Saber) in Panama City as home base, the teams traveled out to remote locations in the country—one team to the Majé region in eastern Panama, and the other two teams to the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé.  Each team was hosted either by a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer or a host family.  Design projects were two community water systems and a micro-hydroelectric system.


Student participants came from backgrounds in Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Chemical, and Service Systems Engineering, providing interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainable development problems.


The assistance of many people made these trips successful: Prof. Remigio Galarraga-Sanchez and his students; Graduate student Kelli Whelan; Peace Corps Volunteers Pete and Kelly Brands, Chris Kingsley, Chet Hopp, Jake Midkiff, Jordan Van Sickle, and Erica Jones; former Peace Corps Volunteer Alan Foster; and the community members who were all generous hosts.


-          David Watkins, Mike Drewyor, and Kurt Paterson, Instructors



·         Candela Aqueduct Project – Team Candela

Cascada Pequena (by T. Fincher).JPG            Report             Presentation                Poster                                     


·         Chichica Aqueduct Project – TMC Engineering Consultants

Report             Presentation                Poster


·         Chichica Footbridge Project – 36SB Consultants

            Report             Presentation                Poster


·         Cerrro Piedra/Mamey Hydropower Project – El Tigre Engineering

Report             Presentation (~30 MB)  Poster


·         Piriatí Hydropower Project – Ye- Engineering

            Report             Presentation                Poster (~25 MB)                                                                                                                Photo by Tyler Fincher.



Special thanks to this year’s student mentors, Pam Brushaber and Ashley Maes, as well as the following host Peace Corps Volunteers: Lyndsey Bunting, Laura Fishman, Chris Kingsley, Alan McDonald, Jake Midkiff, and Jessica Rudder.  Generous assistance was also provided by Regional Peace Corps Director, Erin Kelly, and former PCV, Timothy Burke.  Without their guidance and assistance, the 2011 program would not have been possible.



·         Salto Dupí Irrigation Project - Mujeres Fuertes Consultados

            Report             Presentation


·         Sajalices Charcoal Kiln Project – The Mangrove Charcoal Sustainability Engineers for Sajalices (MCSES)

Report             Presentation


In August 2010, two teams (10 students and 2 mentors) traveled to Panama for iDesign.  As in 2009, the City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Saber) in Panama City served as home base, and students and mentors traveled to project sites to the west.  This year, one group partnered with a small community, Sajalices, in western Panamá Province, and the other spent time in a small indigenous community, Salto Dupí, in the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé (no´-bay boo-glay').  In Sajalices, the team lived with a host family, and in Salto Dupí, the team was hosted by a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer.  For 8 days, students lived in the communities, learning about their culture and community development priorities. 

Student participants majored in four engineering disciplines: Chemical Engineering (4), Civil Engineering (2), Environmental Engineering (3), and Mechanical Engineering (1).

This year’s program was made possible by the U.S. Peace Corps-Panama, the UNDP Global Environment Facility, the City of Knowledge, the Michigan Tech Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and the volunteer student mentors (Krissy Guzak and Kelli Whelan).



·         Soloy Bridge Project – Los Agua Niños

·         Boca de Macho Bridge Project – Murdurie Consulting

·         Rehabilitation of Water Systems in Quebrada Mina and CalabazalAgua Contigo Consultados

·         Water Distribution System for Village of Punta Sirain Noire Designs



In August 2009, four teams (19 students and 4 mentors) traveled to Panama for iDesign (International Senior Design).  With the City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Saber) in Panama City as home base, students and mentors traveled to project sites in the western part of the country--Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro provinces.   Each student team was hosted by a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer (two of them Peace Corps Master’s International students), serving in
Ngäbe-Buglé (no´-bay boo-glay') communities.  For one week, students lived as the indigenous peoples do, learning about their culture and community development goals. 




The design projects included a new community water distribution system, recommendations for rehabilitating an old water system, and two footbridges for communities with limited access to roads and recreational areas.   The design reports are provided to the Peace Corps volunteers and their communities, who will use them as guidelines as they seek funding and possible implementation.




Student participants came from backgrounds in Civil, Environmental, and Electrical Engineering; Chemistry; and Geophysics, providing interdisciplinary perspectives on sustainable development problems.




This was the first group to travel to Panama and partner with the U.S. Peace Corps.  The program would not have been possible without the generous assistance of the Peace Corps volunteers and the volunteer mentors, who are heartily thanked for their time and efforts.




-          David Watkins and Mike Drewyor, Instructors