Bernard D. Alkire

Lecture Notes and Laboratory Assignments CE 3401

Lectures 1-15

Lectures 1-15Laboratory Assignment
****2Basic Information About Transportation
****3Route Location and Earthwork
****4Geometric Design
****5Vertical Alignment
****6Length of Vertical Curves
****7Horizontal Alignment
****8Horizontal Sight Distance
****9Super Elevation and Super Elevation Transitions
**10General Horizontal Alignment
**11Roadside Design
**12Highway Drainage-Hydrology
**13Hydrology T55 Method
**14Open Channel Flow
**15Culvert Design

Lectures 16-31

Lectures16-31Laboratory Assignment
****16Culvert Design-Continued
****17Water in Sub Grade
****18****1Route Selection
****19Aggregate Surfaced Roads
****20Flexible Pavement Design
****21****2Horizontal Curve and Layout
****22Asphalt Institute Method
****23AASHTO Design Procedure
****24****3Super Elevation and Stationing
****25Thickness of Pavement Components
****26California Design Method
****27****4Vertical Curves
****28Rigid Pavements
****29Temperature Steel Requirements
****30****5Cut and Fill
****31AASHTO Design Method

Lectures 32-43

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Lectures32-43Laboratory Assignment
****32PCA Method
****33****6Volume Calculation
****34Summary Highway Design
****35Driver and Vehicle Characteristics
****36****7Highway Drainage
****37Vehicle Performance Characteristics
****38Traffic Characteristics
****39****8Project Estimate
****40Traffic Flow and Volume Characteristics
****41Traffic Flow Continued
****42****9Project Compleation
****43Highway Capacity and Closure

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