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This is a strictly tentative schedule. Consider it to be a sequential listing of topics that we plan to complete in the course of the semester. Please keep checking this page on a weekly basis. I will try to keep it up to date and help you trace the class.

Table 1: Tentative Plan
Week Topic Readings/ Comments
Starting   Chapters  
09/03 Introduction In-class Survey
New to AutoCAD
Homework 1
Due 09/17/09

Lab exercises 1 & 2
Exercise 1 started in class,
Exercise 2: Foundation plan
Relevant files:
Template file
Foundation Elements
Pile Group

09/10 Revision: AutoCAD Basics Revision of AutoCAD  
09/17 Basics of Civil3D Chapter 1
Introduction to the Object Oriented paradigm
Introduction to the Civil 3D toolspace
Drawing settings in Civil 3D
Classwork file
Class Notes
09/24 Survey Chapter 2
Survey databases
Importing and investigating field book data
Quiz on 09/26
Field book data
Class notes
10/01 Surfaces: Basic Terrain Modeling Chapter 3
Introduction to Points & Surfaces
Class notes
Point data More Point data
Classwork Assignment
DEM Files Classwork File
10/08 Introduction to Parcels Chapter 5 & 6
Developing parcels from objects,
layouts and ROW.
Editing parcels.
Creating Alignments from Polylines
Class notes
10/15 Alignments Chapter 6, 11
Developing alignments from objects
Developing alignments using layout geometry
Horizontal curve design for highway alignments
Class notes
10/22 Profiles Chapter 7
Developing surface profiles
Developing profiles from layout
Vertical curve design for highway alignments
lementary Corridor Design
Earthwork Volume Calculation
Class notes
10/29 Classwork Classwork
Class test on 11/05
11/05 Exam Week
Exam Week No class on 11/07
11/12 Introduction to BIM Classwork file
11/26 Interfacing with databases Test 2  
12/03 Introduction to BIM Classwork
12/10 Final Projects Due Reports  

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