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Structural Engineering Institute Chapter at Michigan Technological University is oriented towards educating young professionals in the field of Structural Engineering by providing a collaborative environment for technical innovation, while encouraging lifelong professional growth and development.

This chapter is the first active SEI local chapter in the state of Michigan. The chapter focuses on promoting the structural engineering profession both with students and professionals, in the upper peninsula region and with the aim of expanding it in the state of Michigan. The chapter intends to embrace and support the structural engineering society in the region, connecting students, graduates and other professionals.

This chapter aims to provide information on emerging topics in the field of structural engineering to enable members to develop and maintain their working knowledge, and solve diverse engineering problems. This chapter will achieve this goal by inviting SEI speakers, industry professionals, faculty and graduate students to present on subjects such as innovative methods in testing, manufacturing, and construction, providing updates on design codes, and hosting design workshops. These SEI hosted events will also provide a platform for graduates to interact with practicing engineers and learn from their industry experience.

The society intends to provide the means for coordination and communication with other programs through professional (industry or academic) guest speakers, community service projects, and traveling to conferences. The chapter also encourages member involvement through fun activities such as structural engineering competitions and social events.

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SEI Graduate Student Chapter Constitution

SEI Graduate Student Chapter at Michigan Tech Constitution

Updated: December, 2019