Eric A. Seagren, Ph.D.

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Xin Song, "Subsurface Heterogeneities, Interfaces and Biodegradation:  Defining the Limits on In situ Bioremediation," completed August 2005.
  • M. Melih Demirkan, "Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils and Groundwater Using High Carbon Content Fly Ash," completed March 2008 (co-advisor with A. Aydilek). 
  • Lan Zhang, "Transport and Capture of Pathogens from Urban Stormwater Runoff using Bioretention," completed, December 2008 (co-advisor with A.P. Davis).

Masters Theses

  • Yuru Qin, "Innovations in Wastewater Treatment Design and Operation:  Application of the Normalized Loading Curve Technique for RBC Process Design and Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry as an Index Test for Estimating the Biochemical Oxygen Demand of Wastewater," completed May 1999. 

  • Tim O. Moore II, "An Experimental and Theoretical Evaluation of NAPL Pool Dissolution With Varying Average Pore Water Velocities," completed December 1999. 
  • Jeong Hyub Ha, "Enhanced In Situ Oxygen Supply for LNAPL Bioremediation," completed August 2000.
  • Hunho Kim, "Engineered Bioretention for Nitrate Removal from Stormwater Runoff," completed August 2000 (co-adviser with A.P. Davis).
  • Eunyoung Hong, "Sustainable Oil and Grease Removal from Stormwater Runoff Hotspots using Bioretention," completed September 2002 (co-adviser with A.P. Davis). 
  • Jason North, "An Evaluation of Methods for Quantifying Lime Incorporation into Mechanically-Dewatered Sludge," completed August 2003 (co-adviser with J.G. Becker). 
  • Mark Johnson, "A Quantitative Framework for Understanding the Complex Interactions of Competing Interfacial Processes and In Situ Biodegradation," completed August 2004. 
  • Matthew Wheaton, "A Field Demonstration of a Quantitative Framework for Defining the Limits on In Situ Biodegradation," completed May 2006.
  • Gayle Davis, "Effect of Terminal Electron Accepting Processes on Acetate Thresholds in Contaminated Sediments," completed May 2006 (co-advisor with J.G. Becker). 
  • Supida Piwkhow, "Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Acetate Thresholds as a Monitoring Tool for In Situ Bioremediation," completed December 2007 (co-advisor with J.G. Becker).
  • Chiung-Wen (Joan) Chou, "Biomediation of Properties of Sand," completed December 2007 (co-advisor with A. Aydilek). 
  • Doina Morar, "Organic Contaminant Desorption and Metal leaching Behavior of Maryland Fly Ashes," completed, January 2008 (co-advisor with A. Aydilek). 
  • Jason Becker, "Evaluation of Leaching Protocols for the Testing of Coal Combustion Byproducts," completed July 2010 (co-advisor with A. Aydilek and Allen P. Davis). 
  • Eric Wesseldyke, "Development of a 2-Dimensional Finite Volume Model to Assess Hydrodynamic and Microbial Controls on DNAPL Dissolution and Detoxification," completed August 2013 (co-advisor with J.G. Becker).