Courses Taught

CE3620 Water Resources Engineering Introduction to hydrologic engineering, including rainfall-runoff modeling and hydrologic frequency analysis. Analysis and design of hydraulic systems such as pipe networks and storm water management systems. Computational, field, and experimental laboratory sessions reinforce lectures and provide hands-on learning opportunities.

CE4507 Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Design Application of basic principles in civil and environmental engineering to the analysis and design of water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, and their appurtenances.

CE4620 River & Floodplain Hydraulics Analysis of open channel systems, including natural channels, designed channels, flow transitions, non-uniform flow, and unsteady flow.

CE4640 Stormwater Management and LID Design techniques for stormwater collection, conveyance, infiltration, and detention storage systems are discussed, both traditional stormwater management systems and newer approaches based on the philosophy of low impact development (LID) that seek not to alter the natural ecology of a site.

CE4665 Stream Restoration Basic mechanics of the transport of sediments in natural systems, including tractive forces and geomorphic functions.